LaTeX – Multiline equations, systems and matrices (via Machine Intelligence ?)

Series on Blogging with LaTeX This is the 3rd post in the series. Previous ones: Basics and overview Use of mathematical symbols in formulas and equations Many of the examples shown here were adapted from the Wikipedia article Displaying a formula, which is actually about formulas in Math Markup. . Multiline Equations You can present equations with several lines, using the array statement. Inside its declaration you must : Define the number of co … Read More

via Machine Intelligence ?


If anyone’s still having this problem, then they may be interested to learn that I got it to work. The key is that it’s highly temperamental about spaces; don’t put any spaces between the ampersands (1&1&1 is ok, 1 & 1 & 1 causes an error). It also will go weird if you put a zero in the first column without a space- \ gets turned into just \ when you save the page (causing another error), so you have to put \\ 0

In case that makes no sense, this is the 4×4 matrix I finally got to work

$latex \left[ \begin{array}{ cccc} \gamma&-\beta\gamma&0&0 \\-\beta\gamma&\gamma&0&0 \\ 0&0&1&0 \\ 0&0&0&1 \end{array} \right] $

via latex and ampersands => formula does not parse





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